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Hasty Hippo is a website speed optimization service provider. Your customers hate slow websites. We’re here to help.

Did you get an A? If not, you need to find the buy button in a hurry.

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Turn your trudging tortoise website into a Hasty Hippo

The average hippo weighs 3,000+ pounds and can gallop at 19mph. Imagine that.

Now imagine all of the potential customers leaving your website because it took too long to load.

I’d rather be chased by a hungry hippo than lose another customer because of a slow website.

We guarantee hippopotamic results

Plenty of website speed optimizers talk a big game. We guarantee results. We test your website using GTmetrix and get you an A. We’ll optimize your site until that happens, or give you a full refund.

And yes, hippopotamic is a real word.

You’re on a fast website right now!

Our site loads in 1 second on desktop, and 2.9 seconds on mobile. We could speed it up more, but it’s not all about speed. Our goal is to have a fast website AND include everything we want on the page– photos, screenshots, videos, links, borders, colored text, etc.

A plain black text white background HTML website would load even faster, but that would be super boring.

PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed Insights

Note: We work primarily with websites built with WordPress and Shopify.

Client Reviews

Here’s what some nice people have said:

“If you are looking for someone that consistently produces outstanding work, Nick is your guy.”

Chuck P.

Measurable SEO

“Nick was communicative, proficient, and on-time with his delivery. I appreciated working with him.”​

Brent H.


“Working with Nick was a breeze!”

Roderick D.

Affiliate Marketer

PageSpeed Insights


Pay once for a lifetime of website speed. If you decide to install 47 more plugins to your site after we’re done and it gets bogged down again, we’ll speed it back up for you.

Hasty Speed Optimization


• Optimize Images

• Test accessibility

• Reduce Redirects

• Ensure Mobile Friendliness

• Remove Unnecessary Plugins

• Guaranteed A in GTmetrix

Whenever it’s possible, we will keep your website design the same. Our #1 goal is to make your website a faster version of itself.

We will keep all of your important images, videos, and visuals the same. In some cases, this will mean your website is slightly slower. That said, there’s usually plenty of room for speed improvements without sacrificing any visual aspects of your site. And if we can’t do anything to speed it up, we won’t send you an invoice.

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